Top 5 Popular Sports In The United States

In the United States, many sports are played with a competitive spirit. But when it is time to pick the most loved marks in America, these are notable.
Best 5 Most Popular Sports in America in 2022 – Viewership and TV Ratings
Based on ExpressVPN’s analysis of streaming sports, football is the country’s preferred sport, closely followed by soccer, basketball, and baseball. Hockey is fifth in the rankings. Let’s look at the statistics and streaming data on these sports.
Football (NFL)
With over 9 million active players and 112 million viewers on TV, American Football, also called Gridiron, is undoubtedly the most watched and loved game in America.
This is a prevalent sport in the United States. Along with Australia, this is also a popular sport in the US. It has the distinction of being the one nation that plays the sport at this level.
The National Football League (NFL) was established in 1920 and based in Ohio, and it is the most-watched sports league. In 2021, the NFL reported revenue in the range of 17.19 billion US dollars 2021 and had steadily increased its recognition since its beginning.

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Basketball (NBA)
The sport has been played for over 100 years and is well-known in America. It is one of the oldest sports that professional athletes play in America. Basketball is played by over 25 million avid athletes across the US.
The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded in 1946, originally an affiliate of the Basketball Association of America (BAA), the second most well-known basketball league in the United States. Its NBA announced revenue at 6.41 billion US dollars in 2021 and has seen an increase in revenue since its start.
Basketball has existed since 1981, when James Naismith invented it at Springfield College in Massachusetts. Nowadays, it is played in professional teams throughout the world and even in China. Professional teams have won championships both at international and national levels, including China’s Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).
Soccer (MLS)
Soccer was once less streamed than baseball played in the US. But recent studies show that soccer will have outpaced baseball by 2021.
The game has been played worldwide since at least the 19th century. However, its popularity increased, particularly after the World Cup was first held on the 13th of July in 1930.
Baseball (MLB)
Baseball is the fourth item on our list. The MLB announced revenue of 6.41 billion US dollars in 2021 and has been growing steadily since its beginning. Baseball has over 23 million current members across the US.
The game involves teams comprised of nine players and requires nine innings to play the game. It has grown to include five positions: catcher, pitcher, third baseman, first baseman, and third baseman.
The game’s goal is to make higher runs than the opponent hitting as many times as possible while avoiding being struck by the other batter-runner (s).
Every team soul contain at least one player who bats continuously unless there are fewer than two outs.

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Hockey (NHL)
It first took place in Canada in 1875 at the Victoria Skating Rink. It was later transferred back to North America at the beginning of the 20th century.
Hockey players are classified into four groups forwards (who score goals), midfielders, defensive (who hinder goals), and goalkeepers (who block shots). A typical hockey game is between 2 and 4 minutes. of 4 minutes.
Data Analysis from ESPN
Additional data suggests that:
More than 16.9 million viewers tuned in to Major League Baseball games on television last year
More than 8 million people tuned in to NBA games on television this year
Hockey is yet another sport that has increased interest over time. More than 4.6 million viewers saw NHL games on television this year.
What drives sports streaming within the US?
Within the US, interest in streaming football is higher than in other sports. Basketball has been catching up in the last few years, and the popularity of soccer is growing to surpass baseball in 2021.
The sport of soccer has always been lacking at the bottom of the popularity scale in America. The US, when compared with nations located in Europe or South America. But, the recent successes of U.S.-based teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United have helped shift perceptions about the kind of soccer capable of being within the US.
However the fact that there are other elements in play. The trend of cutting cords and shaving them has led viewers to look for content tailored to their preferences instead of using traditional channels on TV.
According to Nielsen data in 2021, many Americans opted not to limit their choices to the traditional broadcasting industry and instead opted for streaming services.
Final Takeaway
There is a demand to be able to watch sports regardless of the location of one’s residence, and this will continue to drive the market for streaming services for a long time in the future. Even if people don’t use any of the primary streaming services, plenty of choices are accessible.


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