Australian doctors campaigning to reveal what is really inside vapes claim comparisons with smoking are ‘wrong’

Two Australian doctors are seeking to educate Aussies about what’s really in vapes
Dr. Colin Mendelsohn says vaping less 95 % less risky than smoking cigarettes
Some people believe that the vapor is more dangerous than smoke, but it’s not true”, he added.
Two Australian doctors who want to show Australians the substance of vapes claim that the dangers associated with this method are minimal compared to smoking cigarettes.

Doctor Colin Mendelsohn has been a doctor working to dispel myths about smoking vape cigarettes as harmful to your health. Dr. Mendelsohn says that vaping is to be at least 95 percent safer than smoking.
“Some people think that the vapor is more dangerous than smoke, but this isn’t true,’ said Dr. Mendelsohn.
Cancer-causing chemicals are present in vapor, but only in tiny amounts.’
The doctor Colin Mendelsohn says the risk of cancer resulting from smoking vape cigarettes is less than 0.5 percent of the chance of developing cancer after smoking cigarettes
“This estimate of 95 percent less risky based on extensive independent reviews of scientific evidence conducted by Public Health England and the UK Royal College of Physicians”, he added.
“It’s a good indication of the general risks of vaping compared to smoking.
The precise number doesn’t matter but stating that the danger of using vapes is likely to be lower than five percent of the time helps communicate a rough estimate of the amount of risk to ensure that users make an informed decision.
“Just to say that vaping is “less harmful’ isn’t enough.’
Then he added that most harmful toxins present in smoke are eliminated from the vapor.
“The toxins present are in smaller concentrations and are usually at levels less than one-cent of what is found in smoke. If the concentrations of the toxins are less, the health risk will be lower.
The risk of cancer arising from vaping has been determined to be less than 0.5 percent of the risk associated with smoking.’

Dr. Mendelsohn believes that the best approach to vaping is the balance of making high-quality vaping products available to smokers of all ages and making it more difficult for younger people to access.
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Dr. Alex Wodak (pictured) said doctors are afraid to write nicotine scripts liquid because of the exaggeration of its minor dangers
Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association board member Dr. Alex Wodak told Daily Mail Australia that there are a variety of reasons vaping is viewed as a sin which was evident by doctors who were afraid to write scripts that call for nicotine liquid.
Only 240 of Australia’s 31,000 doctors can write scripts to use the nicotine-based liquid. Why is this the case? Dr. Wodak said.
The first is that authorities have not attempted to convince GPs to follow this advice or explain the steps they need to do to create the script.
Second, the mainstream media has released many news articles and commentary pieces that demonize nicotine, exaggerating its small risks while overlooking the benefits of switching to safer vaping.
Many doctors are concerned about what would befall them if they created a script but were in trouble.
“Over 90% of Australian vapers buy their products via the unregulated black market that has grown to meet the increasing demand, said the man.
“Please share this information with your children or your nephews and nieces and students, your netball or soccer team players, and your sisters and brothers. We’re all in need of that conversation out in the open,’ he stated.
“We must have these issues be stoppers to barbecue.’
The National Health and Medical Research Council published an E-cigarette report in June. It sounded alarms to the more than two million Australians who have tried smoking the alternative.
The study found that one-in-five Australians aged between 18 and 24 had tried e-cigarettes, and five percent use them frequently.
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Australian medical professionals Colin Mendelsohn and Alex Wodak assert that vaping is more secure than smoking cigarettes.

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