5 trending sports supplements for women 2022

From collagen-rich shots to coffee Chaga, find the most popular supplements for athletes and top workout aids to improve your health and the performance of your body…
When GB the heptathlete Holly Mills prepares to hit the track for a challenging workout or competition, she will always take a few blackcurrant extracts. “I require my muscles to perform at a high level, and taking supplements with blackcurrant extracts allows me to sprint faster and harder for more extended periods, ” she says.
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The club, Nottingham Forest Women FC, players regularly take probiotics to ensure they remain in shape. In the meantime, GB marathon runner Becky Briggs begins her day by taking a nootropic herbal. A growing number of athletes are turning to the power of supplements that have natural ingredients to stay ahead of their performance.
It’s not only about speeding up race times, but also improving the recovery process and overall health and wellbeing,’ says Rob Hobson, head of nutrition at Healthspan Elite. The issue of immunity is very prevalent following pandemics, and probiotics are getting more and more to be a hit. The latest trend is collagen which aids in healing from joint and bone injuries. Cognitive health and better cognition are also becoming more popular and nootropics fall into this group.’
Suppose your goal is to become an athlete of elite level or regular exercising. In that case, a dietary strategy is essential to achieving high performance and overall health, as well as stress nutritionists. Suppose you’re eating a healthy, high-quality diet that aligns with your goals. In that case, micronutrients and herbal supplements can also be beneficial,’ says Dr. Adam Carey, sports nutritionist and chief medical officer at Indi-Supplements.
Do you want to ditch your caffeinated drink for the most recent brain-boosting drink or substitute your protein shake with collagen gel? Here’s the information you need to be aware of.

Ideal for: Preventing, healing, and preventing injury from sports
How to use it: Have nagging knee pain or from an injury? Consider drinking a collagen shot before your workout. Most well-known for its cosmetic benefits, collagen (the body’s primary structural protein) helps to protect and repair joints, tendons, and cartilage. It is a favorite of athletes, such as Andy Murray and Premiership football teams.
The importance of collagen is for athletes who put stress on their tendons and ligaments,” says Graeme Close, professor of human physiological sciences at Liverpool John Moore’s University and the director of science for Nutrition X. The research suggests that adding collagen for 30 minutes or one hour before exercise helps heal injuries by filling the tissues with protein and reduces discomfort and pain in these areas.’
Is it worth trading with your standard protein powder? Regular protein powders are ideal for building and strengthening muscles, as per Professor Close. The best collagen for repair is ligaments, bones, and tendons. Studies suggest that 15-20g of collagen per day can be the best amount.’
‘Taking collagen helps protect my body.’
The GB Para Taekwondo athlete Amy Truesdale regularly employs collagen shots, most notably in her participation in the Paralympics 2020.
As an older athlete, I’m aware that my body’s collagen has decreased. Collagen shots that I consume (Nutrition X Repair Collagen Shots below) are essential to reduce discomfort and strengthen the ligaments necessary for contact sports like Taekwondo.

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