Sales careers are only a somewhat appropriate department. It’s not black-and-white. It’s lively, bold, fast-paced, and constantly changing. Every day is unique, and you only get out of your experience the things you’ve invested in.
Our sales manager, Maddy, says that “working in sales can be a rewarding career without limits to the things you can accomplish.’
What exactly is it that does it make working in sales excellent? Here are five reasons sales is an enjoyable job and can provide you with a solid base for your career.
Why should you work in sales?
1. Independence
Sales demands that targets be set and met each month. If you can hit these targets every month and you prove your abilities in the field, you can be independent and work towards your personal goals according to your schedule and work with customers of your choice. If you can keep your level of performance, then you can continue to take the initiative.

2. Potential earnings
You can earn over the base salary by pursuing targets and focusing on commission sales. Essentially, the more you put in, the more money you will earn. In other careers, hard work might not be as directly rewarded as money. In addition, it comes with recognition and appreciation from the upper management.
3. Problem solution
Most of the time, the product you sell can be a tool company can leverage to improve and integrate its services or products. Maddy, a sales representative at Tempo, states that a significant portion of sales comes from ‘finding solutions to clients and working in partnership with our clients to integrate our technology into their organization.
4. Career prospects
Similar to most companies that depend on the revenue they earn by sales. Sales skills are applied to a wide range of items and services so that a skilled salesperson can move between industries and segments effortlessly.
Sales lets you know the product or service you offer in-depth, their distinct selling points, and what your customers want to know about them. Sales can allow you to cross-sell across functions, such as marketing, for instance, and also allow cross-functional development.

5. Personal development
Sales require the development of more general skills like communications skills, in particular communicating from higher levels of authority, conflict resolution, and the process of closing deals. These skills can be utilized throughout your career and put you in a great position to move up the ladder. There’s a wide array of sources for salespeople to learn from constantly. There are books, workshops, and even training programs that are designed to aid in an improvement in sales skills.

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